Start a dorm room business

Welcome to college. You’ll be here for four years, and when you aren’t in class you’ll have a lot of free time. Food, beverages and video games cost money, though – how will you pay for them? The answer is, of course, a job.

There are the typical college student jobs – working the residence hall office, working in the library, working checkout at a grocery store, delivering pizzas, etc. The problem with these tried and true jobs? They take up your time. And when you’re in college, time is of the essence. You need a social life, and working nights and weekends will not cut it. After all, these are the best years of your life. This is where a dorm room business comes into play.

If you have a favorite hobby or something you are really good at, why not go into business? Create your own hours, charge your own prices and be your own boss. Need customers? You have, quite possibly, 10,000+ students walking your campus daily. And if you get involved in something related to your major, it can only help you in your job hunt after graduation – that is, if you need a job by then. Who knows, maybe your dorm room business will have flourished into an extremely profitable company! You could join the likes of Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Sergey Brin and Larry Page as successful college entrepreneurs.

Take some money from savings, ask your parents for money or take a small part-time (10 hours/week max) job to get some start-up capital. Once your business becomes self sustaining, quit the part-time job and expand your work into those hours if you want. You can quickly pay back any money you borrowed and start taking a salary out of your profits. Remember, though, to put some money away in the name of your business – if you are building computers, for example, you might lose a tool and have to buy a new one.

Rising number of college graduates doing volunteer work

For those who point to this generation as a selfish one, you might want to reconsider. According to an Associated Press article, more and more college graduates are doing volunteer work as well as seeking employment from non-profits groups. The article also states that more college freshman are entering the college community with service experience. I am involved with a service organization on campus and am happy to see these numbers rise. No matter if you are a freshman or a senior – getting involved with a service group is a great way to meet people and help the community at the same time.

Steve Pavlina’s 10 College Tips

I stumbled across this post on Steve Pavlina’s blog, and while it’s a few years old, it offers some great advice. I’m especially a fan of #7, “Reclaim wasted time during your classes”. If a class is boring you to tears and you have some work to do for other classes, what better time to do it? Anyway, check out Steve’s post and if you have some tips of your own, send them in.

10 Tips for College Students [Steve Pavlina]

Roommate Etiquette

A fast reminder to anyone with a roommate – set up times where one of you can conveniently be out of the room for the other’s sake.  These are incredibly helpful when significant others are involved.  If an impromptu meeting takes place between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend, work out some kind of “do not enter” symbol with each other; perhaps, the traditional sock on the door?  This lets your roommate know not to walk in as the crotchless panty is being flung through the air.  You’ll both be much better off when these potentially awkward situations are avoided in advance.  Sharing a room is tough – why not make some things easy?

Jobs for College Students

Many of us look forward to college for a long time, for the fun, the experience, and the education. However, at some point you need to start thinking about putting your knowledge to use and starting a career for yourself. Whether you are looking for a job during your college studies, or for after you have graduated, you can benefit greatly from This site offers a wide range of jobs for college students on an easy to use website. You can find out all about college internships and other college student jobs in many different fields. This is one of the few sites that specializes in helping college students find suitable jobs for them.

Sweeten your dorm’s look by mounting your TV

It’s a pretty widely accepted fact that most college dorm rooms are tiny. You are often sharing that space with another person, which makes things even more cramped. You can get as many shelves and push as much under your bed as you want, but there are some items that can’t be hidden; for example, your TV. Why not mount your TV to the wall and release some of that space?

The folks over at AVNow may have just what you’re looking for. Browsing the site, you’ll find plasma mounts and tv brackets for most television sizes and most manufacturers. Browsing by size (since the site didn’t list my brand model of Sanyo) I was able to find the correct bracket for my 19″ widescreen HDTV. If you aren’t interested in mounting your TV to the wall but would like it on a stand, the site carries many lcd stands as well.

Wall mounting is a great strategy to reclaim some of that space in your dorm. Why not make that small space feel more livable? Head over to AVNow and find a wall mount for your TV!  Not only will you have more room for more stuff, your room will look much cooler as well.

Have your college admissions essay reviewed

Something that a lot of high school students don’t seem to worry much about are college admission essays. There is a whole lot of stress over the SAT’s or AP exams, but admission essays are often overlooked. The truth is this; your essay could very well make or break your admission into the college of your choice, so it should be taken seriously! Fortunately, there are professional services out there that will help you put together an outstanding essay.

Admissions Essays is one of those services. They can aid you in two different ways; by either creating an original essay for you from scratch, or by offering critiquing services for an already-completed essay. The prices for each service seem to be very fair, and there are discounts if you are ordering multiple essays or critiques (maybe you could combine the cost with some friends?). Admissions Essays has a 3-7 day turnaround on their services, which is lightning fast work.

This time of year is college application time. Keep in mind that, while your grades and test scores may be fantastic, a lot of other students will be putting up similar if not better numbers than you. You really need something that helps you stand out from the pack, and a well-written college admission essay can make that happen. Admissions Essays is located at, so go check them out today!

A note to the Carnival of College Blogging’s contributors

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I know I wasn’t very clear with that rule early on, but I tried to make a note of it this time around on the submission page. Enacting this rule actually benefits both of us – it makes the carnival look less spammy and more credible. I know if it were me, I’d rather have someone plasma cutting my eyes out than see the same name a few times in a row submitting multiple posts.

If you got multiple submissions in this time, I’ll probably just use my discretion and choose the article I feel is most beneficial to the readers. If you try it again next edition, I’ll just exclude you since I’ll know that a) you aren’t reading the rules and b) you obviously don’t even read this blog since you missed this post. 😉

Affordable Student Traveling

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Don’t Let the Dollar Keep You Back

It may only be March but the warmer weather is already in the air and many are beginning to plan their spring and summer vacations. However, if you haven’t begun planning your yet, let me give you a bit of a heads up. The current dollar situation is making many oversees trips quite expensive this year. The problem isn’t necessarily higher prices of travel expenses, the problem is that our U.S. dollars are simply worth less these days. And when your money is worth less, you simply need more of it to get around.

Unfortunately, neither of us can do too much about the value of the dollar (unless you happen to be the head of The Federal Reserve). But I do have a few suggestions to help get you through the summer and manage to enjoy a nice vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. My first suggestion is to simply stay local. By staying in the U.S. you are ensuring that your dollar is worth just that – one dollar. Not 0.6 Euro’s or 0.5 British Pounds. Another suggestion is to try and compensate for the weaker dollar by looking for cheap deals online. There are many sites which you can compare to find the lowest price for almost any destination. These include well known names such as Travelocity, Hotwire and Orbitz as well as some smaller niche sites. But don’t worry about having to log onto each site separately and enter your travel itinerary over and over again. A better option is to go to With you can enter your flight information (destination and dates) only once and find the utmost cheap flight which comparing any 3 of the top travel sites simultaneously. This makes the process a lot simpler and faster. Don’t forget to send us a quick update on how your vacation was.